Man Of String is where I write about Innovation, Creativity and other fancies. At the moment I am very interested in business ecosystems. I believe that companies need to stop focusing inwards at their own operations and instead turn their attention outwards towards their customers, business partners and even their communities. Doing business as ecosystems rather than as standalone companies will allow us to be more innovative and more responsive to the needs of our customers, each other and the wider whole.

Some time ago I formed the theory that Invasive Species in nature work in exactly the same way as disruptive innovators in the business world, and I developed that theory over 10 or more of these posts. I still have a great deal of affection for this idea after nearly a decade, and suspect that I will revisit it sooner or later and possibly develop it further

Lastly I post other more personal meanderings, which range from completely uneducated guesses about the beginning of the universe to memories which seem somehow important to my overall worldview. I expect a series of these, titled “On…” to develop over time.

Please enjoy. Comments are welcomed. All of these posts are my own expressions, thoughts and memories and represent myself only (ignoring for a moment the impossibility of my existence and experiences without everyone else’s).


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